Fine Molds Catalogue

Fine Molds as a company focuses on Japanese Military & Anime scale kits. All of the molds are referred to as being fully accurate with excellent exterior details. The interior of each kit can be enhanced using dedicated photo-etched elements designed together with the kits themselves. The range of Fine Molds kits starts with Pre-World War II airplane and trinkets of Imperial Japanse Army and ends with Hayao Miyazaki’s movie models. The came in various scales starting at 1/20 and ending at Navy vessels details in 1/700 scale. Browsing effectively through this listing is not an easy task, therefore I have decided to create a guide on how to read the Fine Molds models naming convention.

Every time you will look at a Fine Molds item you will see that the part number starts with 2 letters and is followed by 1 or 2 digits. This is how all products are grouped into lineups that create complete collections. Below you can see the full list of Product Lines offered by Fine Molds and the details of what type of kits you will find in the lineup. There are exceptions from that naming convention for specific items which will be explained at the bottom.

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